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commercial cleaning convenience

Convenience in Commercial Cleaning

Let’s see how convenient cleaning be. I’ll explain what its like when you’ve hired us and we’re on the job. I’ll break down the nuts and bolts of what it’s like when you are one of our clients and how we’re different from any other commercial cleaning company you may have had in the past.…
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Office cleaning convenience

Office Cleaning Convenience in 5 Steps

I’ll explain how convenient it can be when you are looking to hire a cleaning company for your business. Here are 5 steps to office cleaning convenience. First however, I’ll tell you story about one of our clients and the hoops with other office cleaning companies they had to jump through until they met us.…
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Anti-Bacterial Chemicals or Not?

Do I need to use harsh anti bacterial chemicals? There is always a lot of talk about the spread of germs and flu bugs. So how should I kill the germs? Hand washing. Use Anti-Bacterial soap? It is the number one recommendation to stop germs which lead to infections. Are Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Products Necessary? What…
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