Office Cleaning Convenience in 5 Steps

Office cleaning convenience

I’ll explain how convenient it can be when you are looking to hire a cleaning company for your business.

Here are 5 steps to office cleaning convenience.

First however, I’ll tell you story about one of our clients and the hoops with other office cleaning companies they had to jump through until they met us.

Bethany is an office manager who works for a large company in Nashville and supervises around 50 employees. The office space is made up of a mix of cubicles, kitchens, several bathrooms, lobby and a conference room in total around 4000 square feet. This is the story she told me after working with them after a couple of weeks. Management decided to make their working space a bit cleaner for visitors and employees by hiring an office cleaning company.

Bethany did the typical Google search and found a list of office cleaning companies on the first page. She noticed from the reviews of the larger cleaning companies that people either loved them or really didn’t like him too much. She called the ones having the more positive reviews and setup the appointments. Most were so busy they couldn’t see her for a week or two.

A couple weeks later the last office cleaning company showed up, of course, late for the appointment. She also noticed  it was hard to get a word in. The representative tried pressure tactics by saying she needed to sign a contract today to qualify for any discounted rate. Bethany pointed out areas that are constantly missed and require special attention. This guy just wasn’t paying attention. She thought he’s not even taking the time to listen. But she had to make a choice.

She signed the contract and was locked into for the next year. Task complete and she wouldn’t want to go through that again!

After a couple months the cleaning wasn’t getting any better it was actually getting worse. The night manager was asked to report back to Bethany how the cleaning was being performed and how long tit was taking to clean. Next morning she received an email saying it took the cleaning person only 45 minutes and he went pretty quickly. As she was reading the email she lifted her hand from her desk and noticed the layer of dust on her hand and cobwebs still in the corners of her office. Bethany is still locked in to that contract for another nine months and not happy.

I hear stories like this one time and time again from our new clients. Most had to pay to get out of their contracts because it was hurting the reputation of their business. Think about it. Can you imagine meeting with your customers at your office and having dust fly up from the chair when they sit on, putting your hand on your desk and seeing your palm full of dirt?

Here are the 5 simple steps that I promised you

  1. You should reach out to us by phone, email or chat through our website.
  2. We will agree on a time and day convenient for you. I will show up on-time and give present my business card.
  3. Give me a tour of what needs to be cleaned. I will listen and take down exactly what you need.
  4. I’ll send you a month to month service agreement that same day. In that agreement you’ll find pricing and details of a customized cleaning solution just for your office with everything you pointed out during our tour.
  5. You decide to go with us or pass. That’s all there is to it.

Don’t you think its time to upgrade your cleaning team?

If it is then find out how easy it is to work with us and go to our website and click the free quote button.

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