Convenience in Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning convenience

Let’s see how convenient cleaning be.

I’ll explain what its like when you’ve hired us and we’re on the job.

I’ll break down the nuts and bolts of what it’s like when you are one of our clients and how we’re different from any other commercial cleaning company you may have had in the past.

  • We have met, we’ve had the tour and you signed the service agreement.
  • At your convenience we will pick up the keys, key cards, fobs or key codes so we access the building on the initial cleaning and we’ll be ready to go. Duplicate keys are requested so the cleaner has one and the quality assurance person has one.
  • We understand the areas which are sensitive and may be of higher priority. We build those into your service agreement. This becomes part of the checklist of your facility for our cleaners. We utilize our standard checklist of areas and add on your priority areas with detailed notes.
  • The tour included your supply room location so we are able restock the hand towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and soap as needed.
  • You’ve showed us the location of your dumpster so we’ll empty all the trash.
  • On cleaning day you’ll meet with a manager and a uniformed cleaner before the cleaning begins. If we clean at night you’ll receive a phone call the following day to touch base and see if either of us had comments or questions.

A few things separate us from the competition.

  • We emphasize team work, goals, fun, empowerment and leadership.
  • You’ll receive a survey every month to ensure we are on the same page.
  • Surprise visits will be made by our quality assurance team to ensure the highest cleaning standards are being met.

Here is how commercial cleaning can be convenient for you

  1. Convenient for you because you arranged a self sustaining system which enables your location to appear at its best.
  2. Reach out to us by phone, email or chat through our website.
  3. Once we have agreed on cleaning times and how to best clean your facilities then its up to us to wow you after every cleaning.
  4. We perform quality cleaning checks on a rotating basis to make sure our high standards are maintained. Don’t you think its time to upgrade your cleaning team? If it is then head over to our website and click the free quote button.

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